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A Reminder To Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned!

A Reminder To Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned!

Your HVAC ducts are out of sight so they’re usually out of mind too until it’s too late. Just because you can’t see the dirt and dust inside doesn’t mean it isn’t there – or that it isn’t circulating through your home each time the HVAC system turns on.That’s why we’re here to give you a friendly reminder to get your air ducts cleaned annually. Think about it, when was the last time you got them cleaned?

If your ducts are truly dirty, there’s a good chance that a professional cleaning will make your entire home smell fresher. Some contaminants, like smoking residue, can produce a foul odor that may circulate through your home for years. If you have purchased a home from a previous owner who smoked indoors, it’s smart to schedule duct cleaning before you move in.Duct cleaning can also clear out accumulated allergens and irritants, so it’s particularly important maintenance in households where one or more people suffer from asthma or severe allergies. Pet hair, pollen, and other problem particles can all be swept away in a few hours, bringing serious relief to residents and guests.

It’s important to keep your ducts clean for improved air quality in your home. With spring season coming up, allergens in the air are going to be more prominent. Not to mention dust and dirt particles and if you have pets, their hair and dander. Many of these particles will flow through the system or get caught in the filter, but some will stick to the duct walls, where they may contaminate the otherwise clean air flowing by.

Here is a list of things professionals do to clean your ducts:

  • Brushing and vacuuming of all accessible ductwork
  • Cleaning return air chases
  • Cleaning blower wheel
  • Removal, cleaning, and reinstallation of vent grills
  • Cleaning evaporator coil
  • Disinfectant spray throughout duct system
  • Application of antifungal sealant
  • Complete cleanup of the job site

We know firsthand what collects in your ducts. If you haven’t had your ductwork cleaned in awhile, give us a call. We offer flexible scheduling, great rates and years of experience, DNI Heating AC and Refrigeration is the team to call for your air duct cleaning and maintenance. Contact us today for a risk-free quote. We have the expertise to clean and maintain the air ducts in your home, commercial or municipal office building. We clean your air ducts without chemical biocides and sealants. It’s important to us to eliminate rodent feces and dust from ducts, find and eliminate moisture points and clean system components like your fans and coils to reduce the allergens that are released into your system to improve the air quality in your home and/or business. Your ductwork is like your home’s lungs, and along with your HVAC equipment, it completes your home’s respiratory system. And just like your lungs, the health of your ductwork is affected by the quality of the air flowing through it.

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