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Benefits of Furnace Replacement in Ft Collins Colorado

Benefits of Furnace Replacement in Ft Collins Colorado

If your furnace has been acting up this winter, you may be trying to decide if you want to repair it or replace it altogether. Although there are pros and cons to both, if your furnace is getting up there in age, it may be time to consider a new one.

For this blog, the experts at DNI Heating, AC and Refrigeration wanted to discuss some of the upsides of installing a new system right now.

You’ll likely save money on your heating bill

Older furnaces use older technology and as a rule of thumb, older systems cost more to operate than new ones. This is especially true if your current furnace doesn’t have an Energy Star rating.  It’s also worth noting that if your current system is acting up, the motor is probably not working as well as it’s supposed to. The harder a motor needs to work, the more you’ll need to spend on heating your home.

It will probably be quieter

Have you ever visited a friend who has an older-model dishwasher? If you have, you probably know how loud that thing is when they decide to run it. On the other hand, a new, well-built dishwasher is nearly silent. You can think of your furnace in the same way. A new, up-to-date furnace that uses the latest technologies will be much quieter to run. This can be an enormous benefit if you have family members who are light sleepers, or if you have a baby that wakes up from napping if they hear the smallest sounds.

Furnace replacement in Ft Collins will help your home will be more comfortable

If you can’t seem to get the temperature in your home perfectly regulated, or you’ve found that you have one or more hot or cold spots, your furnace may be to blame. When you upgrade your system, you home will be heated more efficiently, which means you and your family will be a lot more comfortable.

It will save you money on repairs

If you’ve found that you’re calling your friendly neighborhood HVAC repairman so frequently that you practically have him on speed dial, it’s time to consider a new furnace. HVAC repair and furnace repair can be expensive- and if you’re having your system worked on more often than not, upgrading it will save you a lot of money. In fact, when you consider the money you’ll be saving, your furnace replacement will eventually pay for itself.

Expert furnace replacement in Ft Collins Colorado

If your current system is giving you a few too many headaches and you’d like to learn more about the benefits of replacing it, we can help. DNI Heating, AC and Refrigeration has been helping local homeowners just like you, solve problems just like this, for years. We’re licensed and insured and we understand the importance of providing our clients with the highest levels of customer service and customer care. For more information, call us today at 303-772-2490 to get started.

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