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How does my furnace keep my house warm?

How does my furnace keep my house warm?

A lot of people don’t give their furnace a lot of thought until it stops working. However, if you’re someone who likes to know how things work, you may be wondering how this mystery machine keeps your house warm.

Starting from the beginning

A furnace is one of the oldest and most popular residential heating systems. It’s more efficient than a fireplace and when it’s working properly, it will help pump warm air all throughout your home.

In the old days, furnaces were operated by either coal or wood. Today, things are a lot different. Some systems run using natural gas or propane while others still are operated using electricity. The newest and most technologically advanced furnaces are able to convert 98 percent of the fuel they use into heat. It’s pretty cool stuff, when you think about it.

How it all ties together

The main job of a furnace is to warm air. When the system converts energy into heat, it will transfer that heat into the air. Once this step is complete, the blower fans help move that air into your ductwork. If you have a large and expansive home you will, for all of the obvious reasons, need a larger and more powerful system than you would, if you owned a 700 square foot condo.

Your furnace and your central AC system share the same ductwork. In the winter, the ducts are used for warm air and in the summer, they’re used to help funnel cool air.

Natural gas versus electric

If your furnace is powered by natural gas, the pilot light will work to ignite the burners that are inside something called the combustion chamber. That heat will move into a component known as the heat exchanger, and it’s the job of the heat exchanger to warm the air. Propane systems work in a similar way.

If you own an electric system, you won’t have a pilot light, but instead, your furnace will have an electrical ignition. This component will help to activate conductive coils, and the coils will work to help warm the air.

Why you should never try to repair your own furnace

A furnace is a complex piece of equipment that has a lot of moving parts- regardless as to whether it’s powered by gas, electric or propane.

Suffice to say, if you’re experiencing one or more problems with what you have installed at your home, you’ll want to call a local, reputable furnace repair company to help troubleshoot what’s wrong.

If you try to do the job yourself, you could wind up injured, you could cause an accidental carbon monoxide leak, and/or you run the risk of making your current problem much, much bigger.

For more information on how your furnace works or to schedule a free, in-home repair estimate with an experienced repairman, call DNI Heating, AC and Refrigeration today at 970-667-7757. If you need help in Longmont or Boulder, you can reach us at 303-772-2490.

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