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HVAC Care for Pet Owners

HVAC Care for Pet Owners

Pet owners don’t often consider that their pets affect the climate control systems in their homes. Pet hair and dander floating around in your home will definitely make its way into your HVAC filters. If you haven’t done so, consider these things for maintaining your HVAC system and controlling energy use in your residence.

Be diligent in replacing your filters. Pets shed hair and dander all over your home. Check your HVAC filters consistently. Chances are, you’ll find your filters clogged with hair and other particles from your pet. On average, air filters are supposed to be changed every 1 to 3 months. For pet owners, it is likely that their filter will need replacing every month. Furthermore, homeowners that have pets should also consider higher rated air filters to better clean the air as it passes through the filter. This will aid in improving the air quality of your home.

Take care of your pet’s hygiene and grooming. Regular bathing and brushing your pet outside will rid of excess hair and dander. This is especially important if your pet sheds a lot.

Vacuum your home regularly. This will decrease the amount of your pet’s hair and dander that will reach the filter. Make a habit of using a lightweight and cordless vacuum to suck up pet hair around your house every other day. This will also improve the air quality of your home as well.

Get your ducts cleaned regularly. Pet owners need to have their ducts cleaned more than non-pet owners. Small particles such as hair and dander will inevitably circulate throughout your entire system, including your ducts. Think of it this way, your cat or dog’s hair is often noticeable on your clothes. Can you imagine what your ducts might look like? Removing accumulated pet dander is a vital part of deodorizing your home, keeping your indoor air fresh, and reducing allergens in your home.

Adjust your thermostat when only pets are home. You might like to keep the thermostat set at 72 degrees year-round, but did you know that your pets can remain safe and comfortable with a much wider temperature range? This will help you save energy and money by setting your temperature to as low as 65 degrees in the winter and up to 80 degrees in the summer when only your pets are home.

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