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Residential Furnace Replacement in Fort Collins Colorado

Residential Furnace Replacement in Fort Collins Colorado

Having a broken furnace can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Imagine being freezing in your own home. Warmth and comfort are often taken for granted until we no longer have it. Enjoy the winter season is much easier when there is sufficient heat in the comfort of our own homes.

DNI Heating, AC, and Refrigeration offers complete residential services for all brands of gas furnaces. Don’t wait for an emergency to call your neighborhood residential furnace experts. DNI also offers service maintenance agreements in order to inspect and keep your equipment running efficiently to save you from potential emergency disasters and expensive unit replacements in the future. Don’t get stranded without a properly functioning furnace. Especially when it’s a cold winter day in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Mile High state is known for its long and cold winters. Fort Collins, Colorado is a beautiful town to live in. Enjoy it to the fullest with properly functioning furnaces for your home.

Furnaces that are not functioning properly can cost you higher heating and energy bills and pose potentially dangerous hazards to your home and family. Your furnace is one of the most expensive appliances in your home. If you need to replace your furnace, make sure you get the best service for what you are paying.

Consider some of these factors when replacing your residential furnace:

Know when you need a replacement versus a repair. How old is your furnace? If it is nearing 15-20 years old, it would be more cost-effective to replace it than to keep spending money on repairs. Additionally, when repairs total over fifty percent of the cost to purchase a new furnace, replacing the unit may be a better investment. Keep in mind that this could also increase the value of your home if you are considering selling within the next ten years.

A higher energy bill. Has your energy bill been noticeably higher in recent months are years? It could be due to your furnace running less efficiently and requiring more power to heat your home.

Check the burner flame. A properly functioning gas furnace has a flame that is blue with a small yellow tip at the flame’s inner cone. If the flame is almost entirely yellow, this indicates that you have a very serious and potentially dangerous problem as it could be producing carbon monoxide.

When it comes to your furnace, it is best to be proactive instead of reactive. Don’t wait until there is an emergency that leaves you in dire straits. If you recognize that you need a furnace replacement before your home turns into an ice box, you’ll save yourself and your family the hassle of having a miserable winter.

DNI installs energy efficient furnaces. Upgrading your old equipment with us can save you up to 15% of your current utility bill. Give us a call today at (970) 667-7757 to see how we can make your home cozy again.

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