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Tips To Stay Warm This Winter in Fort Collins

Tips To Stay Warm This Winter in Fort Collins

Fort Collins is a well-known city in northern Colorado with historic districts and popular craft beers. It is a college town with a population of almost two hundred thousand. As a city of Colorado, its climate is dry and cold, especially during the long winter months. Staying warm in Fort Collin’s winters is always a sought-after commodity. For those that live in Fort Collins, ways to stay warm become lifehacks that they pass on to friends and family. Here are some tips to stay warm this winter in Fort Collins:

1. Dress in layers. Start with a tank top or thin t-shirt. Then add something like a long sleeve crewneck or cardigan before putting on a jacket. This provides insulation and allows you to regulate and adjust your body temperature as needed. Don’t forget the scarf, hat, and gloves! Wear thicker socks or slippers. When your feet are warm, the rest of your body will feel warmer.

2. Leave the oven open after you bake. This will allow the warm air to escape into the room and gives you a great excuse to bake cookies often! Please keep a watchful eye and make sure you have turned your oven off before doing so. Cooking, in general, is a great way to create more warmth within your home. Heat radiates and will expand to warm up your kitchen. This heat will gradually travel to other areas of your house.

3. Drink warm beverages such as tea. Warming yourself up is easier than warming up a room or a house. Raising your internal body heat will instantly warm you up. Plus, holding a warm cup is a great way to warm up your hands. Our extremities are the first point of contact with sensory factors such as coldness or heat. Warming up our hands will contribute to the rest of our body feeling warmer.

4. Add a throw blanket to your couch or sofa. It sounds simple, but many people either forget or don’t think of it. This will get you cozier without requiring you to turn up your thermostat.

5. Take a hot bath or shower. Leave your bathroom door open so the hot steam will extend to other rooms in your house.

6. Insulate your hardwood and tile floors with rugs. This can help preserve 10% of your home’s heating. Plus, your feet will thank you for it!

7. Open the windows and let the sunshine in. Natural sunlight provides light and warmth to your home. After the sun sets, close the curtains and blinds to preserve the heat and create a barrier between your home and the cold windows.

8. Exercise is a great and healthy way to raise your body’s temperature. There are forms of exercise that are done in heated rooms as well, such as hot yoga. Practicing heated yoga in the winter is a unique and refreshing way to raise your internal body temperature.

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