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How to Know Whether It's Time to Fix or Replace Your Sewer Line in Boulder, CO

Picture this. 

You finally arrive at your Boulder home after a long day at work and being stuck in horrible traffic. All you want to do now is take a long shower to help melt your stress away.

So, you jump in, turn the tap on, and start to relax. But after a few minutes, you realize your feet are in a few inches of dirty water. Even worse, the used water doesn’t drain away, even after several minutes!

That doesn’t automatically mean you must repair or replace your sewer line. However, it does indicate you have a clogged drain. And if you have multiple clogged drains (and toilets), it’s a sign that you have sewer issues.

So, how can you tell which sewer line service you need? 

We’ve explained the answers in this guide, so read on. 

Do Some Basic Troubleshooting First 

Unless wastewater backs up your drains or dirty water overflows out of your toilets, you can do some basic plumbing troubleshooting first. However, if you face either of these scenarios, call an emergency plumbing service immediately. Please avoid exposing yourself to wastewater or sewage, as it can put you at risk of over a dozen diseases, such as salmonellosis and typhoid fever. 

Now, suppose that wastewater or sewage isn’t flooding your home. In that case, you can take the following steps first to help determine if you have a sewer line issue: 

  • Check for other slow-moving drains in your home 
  • Test your other toilets to confirm if they take a long time to flush
  • Inspect your garden or lawn for wet, foul-smelling spots 
  • Look for areas in your garden or lawn that appear to be greener than the rest 

If only one drain doesn’t work correctly, chances are, it’s a problem isolated to that drain. If so, you won’t need a sewer line repair or replacement; you’ll need a drain cleaning service. 

However, if you notice one or more of those problems, you likely have a sewer line issue. 

Get a Professional Sewer Line Inspection

Do all the signs point to you having sewer line problems?

If so, the next best thing to do is to hire a plumbing expert to conduct a sewer inspection. This plumbing service entails using advanced technology, including specialty cameras, to identify and pinpoint problems in your sewer system. 

A thorough inspection allows professionals to determine accurately whether they can still repair or if they must replace your sewer line.

Sewer Line Problems That Professionals Can Still Fix 

If your sewer line only has partial or minor clogs, plumbing repair is often enough to address them. Usually, professionals can fix the issue by breaking the clogs down with high-pressure water.

Minor sewer line leaks, such as hairline cracks caused by normal wear and tear, are often repairable, too. The same goes for minor pipe damage caused by tree root intrusion at its earliest stage.

Another problem that plumbing repair experts can fix is minor sewer line damage. They can repair pipes with minor deformation, corrosion, or defective seals.

When You May Already Need to Replace Your Sewer Line 

In many cases, plumbing experts would recommend replacing a sewer line if it has completely collapsed. After all, most “collapses” occur due to severe age-related deterioration and corrosion. Once they reach this point, they’re no longer repairable. 

Other common reasons for sewer line collapse and failure are:

  • Excessive weight caused by massive clogs
  • Lack of maintenance and cleaning
  • Exposure to acidic oil or harsh chemicals
  • Severe tree root invasion
  • Soil movement

If it turns out that you have a collapsed or severely damaged sewer line, please don’t delay getting it replaced. Otherwise, you’re at risk of experiencing the following consequences.

Poor Indoor Air Quality Due to Sewer Gases

The quality of the air inside a building and how it affects the health of occupants is what experts call “indoor air quality” (IAQ). If you have poor IAQ in your Boulder, CO, home, you may experience respiratory woes, such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and allergy/asthma-like symptoms.

A collapsed or severely damaged sewer line can contribute to poor IAQ by causing sewage backups.

When sewage backs up your home’s drains, it brings with it sewer gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, methane, and ammonia. Even at low levels, these gases can cause eye irritation and make you feel dizzy and nauseous. At the very least, their foul odors, reminiscent of rotten eggs, can permeate your home.

Also, remember that sewage contains many disease-causing germs. That’s a good enough reason to prevent it from entering your home. 

Lawn or Garden Destruction 

A collapsed or severely damaged sewer line can leak or spill sewage into your lawn or garden. That can then submerge the soil in disgusting, foul-smelling wastewater. It can also attract pests to your property, including rodents, flies, and roaches. 

Property Damage

Wastewater backups caused by severe sewer line problems can lead to water damage. From there, water-damaged components of your home can develop mold growth.

Molds can cause further property destruction by eating away at organic materials like wood and paper. High levels of indoor mold can also contribute to poor IAQ.

Potential Water Contamination 

Sewer line leaks and spills can contaminate your freshwater supply. The risk is higher if your water supply lines also have cracks. Wastewater can enter the gaps, putting you and your family at risk of waterborne diseases. 

Let the Pros Help With Your Sewer Line Woes

The best way to determine whether you need to repair or replace your sewer line is to consult with plumbing professionals. Using advanced technology, they can pinpoint problems with your sewer system. Once identified, they can then develop the most appropriate action plan. 

So, if you have a sewer line problem but are unsure if it’s fixable, let the experts at DNI Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration, & Plumbing, Inc. accurately determine it for you. Our highly experienced plumbing experts are ready to assist 24/7. We’ve been proudly serving Northern Colorado customers for over 20 years now. 

Contact us today to schedule your sewer line service or get a free estimate!

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