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HVAC Preventative Maintenance Service: Residential Preferred Customer Program

Keeping up with your furnace & air conditioner can be a hassle! Let DNI take the hard work off your hands with our HVAC preventative maintenance service. When you sign up for our Preferred Customer program, you’ll receive yearly inspections on your systems and many other amazing discounts! With full safety inspections, one of our professional HVAC technicians can identify and solve any existing problems with your system BEFORE they escalate or break down. Well-maintained systems run more efficiently, meaning that they consume less energy and fuel.

Top 10 benefits of being a Preferred Customer

  1. Lower your utility bill – Typically, 40% of your utility bill goes to heating & cooling. Having regular maintenance performed on your furnace and AC system can cut your bill by 15-20%
  2. Discounts! – All of our members will receive a 10% discount on any repairs that are needed.
  3. Priority Service – Being a Preferred Customer gives you VIP treatment! We will make you a top priority if your furnace, air conditioning, water heating or plumbing systems should have issues.
  4. Fewer repairs needed – A professional service technician can spot any issues before they become a costly repair.
  5. Keep your units lasting longer – A good furnace or air conditioning unit should last 10 years. If you keep up with annual maintenance, you could extend that lifetime to around 15 years.
  6. Improved safety for you and your family – If your home has a fuel-burning furnace, increased safety is a top benefit.Professional maintenance will ensure proper venting of carbon monoxide, as well as ensure that gas valves and connections are safe and secure.
  7. Better indoor air quality – If you have a clogged air filter, your furnace and air conditioning units won’t be able to trap all the harmful particles in the air. Those contaminants will circulate inside your home, triggering symptoms for those with allergies, asthma, and sinus problems.
  8. Stay covered under warranty – Most furnace and air conditioning manufacturers require proof of annual maintenance when a repair claim is submitted.
  9. Improve your comfort – Regular maintenance helps your system produce and distribute the warm or cool air more evenly. It also reduces the odds that you’ll come home from work one winter’s day to find frigid air blasting through your vents.
  10. Peace of Mind – A major reason why many homeowners opt for a maintenance agreement is peace of mind. Your furnace and air conditioner is like any other appliance and can experience a problem when you least expect it. By investing in a maintenance plan, you are increasing the certainty that you won’t have to deal with any emergencies.

Annual HVAC Preventative Maintenance Service Plans

*Only 1 piece system, Furnace, or AC
Includes 2 visits per year, 1 Maintenance, and 1 inspection. Includes a filter change at each visit.
Includes 2 visits per year, 1 Furnace Maintenance, and 1 AC Inspection. Includes a filter change at each visit.
Includes 2 visits per year, 1 Furnace Maintenance, and 1 AC Maintenance. Includes a filter change at each visit.
Includes 4 visits per year, 1 Furnace Maintenance, 1 Furnace Inspection, 1 AC Maintenance with condenser coil cleaning, and 1 AC inspection. Includes a filter change at each visit.

northern colorado HVAC preventative maintenance

As a Preferred Customer, you will receive priority service and 10% off any repair needed. (This discount does not apply to system replacements)

Other services are also available; for more information on the types of HVAC preventative maintenance service we can help you with or to schedule a time for an onsite evaluation, call us today to learn more.


DNI Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration, & Plumbing, Inc. has been helping residential and commercial clients in Northern Colorado for nearly two decades. Our attention to detail and commitment to customer service are just two of the reasons we’re one of the top-rated HVAC, furnace, boiler, central AC, and commercial appliance HVAC preventative maintenance service providers in the Longmont and Boulder areas.

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What our clients are saying

R. Larson

Extremely happy with my decision to use DNI. Installed cash price of my new furnace & AC unit was about 23% lower than the competition. Chris was very knowledgeable, conscientious, and top notch! The whole crew was excellent!

R. Barcklow

DNI and Chris specifically were amazing. My furnace went out with the first Colorado storm and they were able to come out the next day and provided me with honest, transparent service so I could make the best decision for my budget. There was never any pressure from Chris between buying a new furnace and fixing my old one. I felt like they were patient and willing to work with me and my needs. I would highly recommend DNI for heating services.

J. Jacobs

The service personnel were top-notch – friendly, professional, and dealt with some unexpected issues without missing a beat! Plus, they were dog lovers and made friends with my best buddy Highly recommended!

K. Kitten

Trustworthy, fair and will advocate for their clients. Whether it is maintenance or replacement DNI is wonderful. As a small business, the options are limited and expensive for replacing a unit that is original to the building. Chris L. worked exceptionally hard to ensure that our needs were met, ultimately finding the most cost effective solution.

M. Southworth

DNI Heating got out to my house, assessed the problem and installed a new furnace for us within hours on a Friday afternoon. We did not have to worry about the 0 degree temperatures coming in that weekend. The service was great from the minute I called to helping us register our furnace.

D. Johnson

This crew has saved me on multiple occasions. From heating to ac service they have done it all for me. Always great customer service and a quick response time! Thanks for the continued great service DNI!

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